What is Purpose?

Purpose in Business: Beyond ‘Business as Usual’ 

Purpose, done right, elevates the reason your business exists beyond the transactional to begin to power good in the world by doing business.

And that is good for business, good for society, and good for the economy. 

So, what is Purpose in business and how is it different from all the other things? 

Purpose in business is, simply put, defining the reason your company exists as a societal reason (social or environmental) where that unique Purpose becomes the decision lens on all that your company does, driving business growth as well as (business-related) societal good.  

Purpose is not an action; it is what determines your actions. 

Purpose does not stop at (yet often incorporates and guides): 

What authentic Purpose looks like in action: 

Does your company have a Purpose like that? If it did, how would it benefit your business?

If you don't have this kind of Purpose, or you are not sure, get in touch – I can help!