Progress on your Company's Purpose Pathway

Make Purpose Progress

  • Do you feel a pull to take your business to a new level of innovation, growth, and impact – with a clear, compelling core Purpose?

  • Do you care deeply about the world and want to demonstrate how you show up for people and planet, in addition to running a profitable business?

  • Do you want to leave a positive legacy through your business?

  • Not sure exactly how to make the shift, or ensure you have done it authentically?

  • Feel like you might be ‘this close’ to having a clear societal Purpose that benefits your company and the world, and want to strengthen or validate that?

I help businesses get crystal clear on the societal reason they exist and activate that Purpose authentically in all that they do, so that the company powers good, by doing business.

Why Purpose?

  • Purpose is the new business imperative and is here to stay. Much like being a good corporate citizen with positive community impact - this level of Purpose is soon a must-have for all businesses of all sizes.

  • Purpose is good for society and good for business. It helps attract and retain loyal employees and customers, stimulates creativity and innovation in your business, transforms culture, and strengthens the societal context in which you operate. It's a win-win.

  • Purpose is different than CSR, ESG and social impact. It sits atop, incorporates, and informs those things, but it is another level of being and acting for a business - that elevates its impact and provides a new strategic lens on the business.