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I listen closely to where your company is today and employ my curiosity and Purpose expertise to help guide you further down the Purpose pathway, suited specifically to what your business can – and does – bring to the world.


Purpose Clarity: Starting where your business is at in its Purpose journey, I work with you to customize our time together to your business’ current needs, with the goal of teasing out and/or getting crystal clear on your company’s distinctive Purpose.

Purpose Integration: When you have unquestionable clarity of Purpose, I support you with the tools and know-how to engage your employees/teams in Purpose and help you integrate your Purpose into the whole company – so that Purpose becomes the driving force for productivity, innovation, business growth, and societal impact.

Purpose Activation: Purpose cannot be accomplished alone; you need to surround yourself with like-minded allies. I provide guidance for the activation of your Purpose and help you create a plan for engaging external stakeholders to find aligned partners in your business ecosystem and beyond, and collaborate towards innovating on Purpose.

A SIMPLE WAY TO GET STARTED: Let's discover exactly where you are on your Purpose pathway. I offer an initial, affordable assessment of the current status of your company around Purpose, and identify strengths and areas to improve or build on. After that, you decide what's next!

I can partner with your company on Purpose in person or virtually, wherever you are.