Who We Work With


A social purpose provides start-ups with a compelling reason to exist that attracts a growing segment of socially conscious consumers and investors. It goes beyond the impact of the initial product or service and provides a North Star for the company, as an innovation entity, to grow and flourish. It helps attract and retain much needed talent, capital, and customers.   Investors - we can help your start-ups thrive!

In the past year, Purpose Pathways has served start-ups: Roots Collective; Chickadee Invest


Companies of all types and sizes have something to bring to the world. Purpose Pathways specializes in helping small- and medium-sized businesses increase their impact, optimize their contribution to the world and find new ways to grow and engage their stakeholders.

In the past year, Purpose Pathways has assisted: Libro Credit Union; True North Executor Solutions


Purpose is not only for Businesses, but also for Organizations that serve and support business. Associations who get clear on why they exist in society better serve their members.

In the past year, Purpose Pathways has worked with: Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)


Purpose Pathways partners with organizations of many kinds to help them communicate and further Purpose with their stakeholders.

In the past year, Purpose Pathways has partnered with: BC Chamber of Commerce; Meaningful Work; Canadian Purpose Economy Project; Business as Mission Canada.

The Curious

Purpose Pathways loves to talk all things Purpose with anyone who is curious and wants to learn more. We take time for coffee chats all the time. 

Curious about Social Purpose? Wonder how it might benefit you, your business, or your career? Want to learn how to speak about it with your leadership or team? Want to access more Purpose resources or host a Purpose workshop? Don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Our Purpose is to empower leaders to change the world through business.

Partner Event: For more about Purpose and its power to change the Purpose of the Economy to one that an “ is powered by the pursuit of long-term well-being for all in which business and regulatory and financial systems foster an equitable, flourishing, resilient future”, see my summary below of the ‘Growing the Purpose Economy: 2024 Outlook and Roadmap’, and Event of the Canadian Purpose Economy Project that was held on February 13, 2024. 

Growing the Purpose Economy event summary.pdf